Drugstore Beauty: Affordable and Awesome Mascara and Primer

Ever since my drugstore cosmetic escapades in junior high, I’ve stayed away, far, far away. The lines didn’t carry all the colors, the formulas weren’t amazing, they rarely had clean testers, etc.

But I have to admit, lately the marketing of drugstore cosmetics began to woo me. They proposed technological claims and functionality at the fraction of the cost, like better matching foundations and 300X volume mascara. Furthermore, these cosmetic companies began to partner with great makeup artists to develop products, i.e. Pat Mcgrath for Cover Girl and Gucci Westman for Revlon (previously having partnered with Lancôme.) I passed the cosmetic aisles so many times, controlling the urge to buy. I couldn’t resist any longer.

These are 2 of my favorite drugstore beauty finds:

Maybelline, The Falsies, Volum’ Express

Love, love ,love,love. I purchased this on sale. It’s usually between $5 – $8. My favorite mascara of all time used to be Lancôme, Hypnose which is usually between $24-$30.

I love this mascara because it’s a buildable mascara. I usually apply 4 coats. It doesn’t clump. I recommend removing excess mascara from the wand before applying anyway. It separates and lengthens like crazy And the wand really allows you to get to those corner lashes. The only down point is that I feel that the brush bristles wear down a bit after a while.

I’ve recommended this product to a bunch of friends and they’ve loved it. When it comes to mascaras, it’s about how the brush and formula jive with the chemistry and texture of your lashes. So what may work for one, may not work for another.

L’Oreal Studio Secrets Professional, Magic Perfecting Base

It’s more on the pricey side for a drugstore product at approximately $10.99. But for a great primer, it’s well worth the price. When it comes to face products, I favor those that are non-comodogenic and this product meets the criteria, to my surprise.

It really mattifies and evens out your skin texture. And it decreases makeup from creasing under the eyes and in lines. It doesn’t feel very heavy and gel like, like other primers. I personally don’t like to wear primer daily in addition to my  cream and foundation. So I just apply it where I get oily and in my t-zone.

Also, when placed around the lip, L’Oreal claims that it prevents lipstick  from bleeding.

The only downfall with both these products is that you can’t try the mascara for sure, and it’s  a hit or miss with the primer.

On that note, check out this great You Tube tutorial by my friend and colleague, Deepa Berar, on how to create a fun look with inexpensive makeup!



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