My New Skin: Armani’s Face Fabric Foundation SPF 12

First off, please excuse my hiatus! It has been an insane August with Wedluxe Magazine shoots, brides and destination weddings!  But the good news is I have tons to share.

During the summer days , I’ve ‘felt’ the foundation on my face with the the heat and humidity. So I was on the search for a lighter weight, barely there foundation for the days.  I’m not a fan of tinted moisturizers for myself .

After using the Giorgio Armani Face Fabric SPF 12 on a bride (she supplied it,) I had to indulge. It had such a rich texture and souffle like application! Although pricey with a limited color range,  I crossed my fingers that  Holt Renfrew carried my shade.

And they did! Although the darker of the 5 shades have been discontinued, they had 1 shade 5 left! And I absolutely love it! I’ve gotten so many compliments since I’ve begun to use it. And I feel like it’s a second skin that my actual skin can breathe through. I also feel that some of the credit is due to my organic moisturizer.

Why I’m in Love?

The Face Fabric Foundation is like a tinted primer, very sheer. It evens out subtle skin tone differences and adds color to a dull complexion. It provides a beautiful base to blend in concealer if you want to spot conceal, which is what I do. And it looks sooooo natural. But,  if you’re looking for an all over, full coverage foundation, this foundation isn’t for you.

Face Fabric gives a pretty glow. As it’s semi-matte, it’s not too oily or too dry on the face.I recommend setting it with sheer face powder. Best of all it doesn’t give that ghost face look in pics, you know when your face looks whiter than the rest of your body. And it definitely lasts.

It’s perfect for an all natural girl on her wedding day that doesn’t want to wear foundation.


The Giorgio Armani Line can be found at Holt Renfrew locations across Canada and can be ordered via Neiman Marcus online.



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