Before Booking: What to Ask Your Bridal Beauty Team

Bridal Beauty ABC’s

Do you provide on site services?
Determine if you want to travel to and from the salon on the day of your wedding. Ask about distance, time and consider your wedding day schedule.

If yes, are there transportation fees?
The industry standard is that most beauty professionals will charge per kilometer outside of location radius or the transportation is included in the package

What do you charge?
Prices will vary with experience, training, demand and professionalism.

Is there a cost for extensions or application of extensions if I provide my own?

Are there any other costs at all?

Products Used

What products do you use?
There is a spectrum of beauty brands out there ranging from very cheap to very expensive. Some cheaper, no name brands tend to contain fillers, may appear chalky and have less pigmen- tation and staying power. Additionally they may not be sensitive or hypoallergenic. They may be great for everyday but not always bridal. You pay for what you get with, the professional and luxury brands generally have better application and feel, long-lasting power, great pigmentation and ingredients that are skin sensitive. (There are always exceptions.)

Do you use a range of brands or one brand?
If yes, find out if she will try to promote and/or sell to you or your family and friends. You may not want to deal with a sales person. Additionally, different product lines and products suite different tones, skin conditions etc. So you want to make sure your potential has the right products for you.


Do you provide Airbrush makeup?
Airbrush makeup is a technology that has become popular due to high definition television. Unlike traditional makeup, specialized airbrush makeup is sprayed from an airbrush gun and powered by a compressor. The molecules are much smaller than traditional makeup and form a net on top of your skin, allowing your natural radiance to shine through. If applied properly, airbrushing can last longer, be more water resistant, and provide a smoother finish. Airbrushing is highly recommended for people with oily skin.

However, don’t dismiss an artist because he/she doesn’t airbrush.  A talented artist can derive beautiful, long lasting  finishesfrom both traditional and airbrushed makeup.

Are you able to apply extensions to thicken or lengthen my hair?
Applying extensions to look natural is an art; having them hold in place is a skill. When applied properly they can dramatically make a difference in volume and length. So any bride can get any look she is hoping for. Extensions themselves are available in a range of prices catering to different budgets. Usually hair stylists will provide them or recommend retailers that sell them.

How Accessible Will You Be Until My Wedding Day

You need to decide how much attention you will require up until your wedding day.  Do you want an artist that you can throw ideas to and contact up until your wedding with questions and receive a response; or are you ok with an artist that may not be that available but will still deliver a satisfying service.


How many other brides will you have on the day?
Generally artists will have more than one bride a day. The key is are they able to manage all the brides comfortably. There have been instances in which artists over book themselves leaving brides waiting at the beginning or rushed at the end. So find out if the artist has other brides and how they manage them.

Who will be doing my makeup and hair on the actual day?
Have the artist you want to conduct the trial and guarantee their personal attendance. Sometimes artists may send other artists or apprentices to do makeup on the actual day. A stranger may show up on your wedding day, who may not know what you want and who you may not be comfortable with.

Will I get touch up kits or will I have to buy the products used?
You will have to touch up your makeup, airbrushed or traditional, since you will be under constant photography lighting, interacting with people and possibly perspiring. There are only certain products that an artist can provide for touchups i.e. lipstick and loose powder. It’s not feasible to provide other products such as eye shadows, mascara, blush and liners. Ask your artists if anything will be provided and if not, what products you should pick up.



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