The Ponytail and the Bride

As fashion moves towards simplicity, an emerging trend in bridal hair styles is the ponytail. Simple.  The ponytail can take on many personalities. It can be sleek and sophisticated, playful, romantic or sexy.  It can also take you into the land of stripper-dom or pageant-dom. And if that’s the look you’re going for, power to you.

Here are some different styles of ponytails.

The Sophisticated and Sleek Ponytail + Side,  Pulled Back Bangs

The Effortless, Chic Pony + Bangs

Perfect for the girl that needs her bangs like moi!

A little more fancy! Note the poof.

The Ponytail Chignon

This look is great for short hair, the illusion of shorter hair and the beach!

My Personal Favorites
The Sexy, Sleek, Pulled Back Pony

I love the length on these ponytails- not overwhelming and soft.

The Soft, Tousled Pony +Bangs

If you have a round or heart shaped face, this style will provide balance. The volume at the top will lengthen your face.
The Oh So Romantic, Starlet Ponytail

Think  vintage!

What Not to Do: The Pagent Ponytail

In my opinion, this ponytail is  too big and overwhelming

Reese’s ponytail from the Oscars, although pretty from the front, was way too big for her petite stature from all other angles. Nirisha and I shuddered at the sight of her pageant ponytail. It looked fake and made her look shorter as the volume and length seemed to engulf her. She should have chosen volume OR length.  Reese could have fantastically pulled off an Effortless, Chic Pony + Bangs  like Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman .

Now if you are a fan of the pageant ponytail, pair it with a fun and flirty dress or something light and romantic. Stay away from evening gown inspired dresses.


If you’re creating a ponytail from extensions, make sure they are the same color as your hair and the applicatoion is secure. You don’t want that coming out at any point in the day.  You can also purchase clip on ponytails. However the colors don’t always match and they can look fake. I would recommend going the human extensions route and having your hair stylist create the ponytail for you. That way you can control color, length , volume and shape.

Think About

  • Your face shape
  • Your dress
  • The feel you are going for
  • Are you a bang person or not?

I would love to hear your feedback on ponytails!!




  1. classy ponytail! i wish i am as hot as they are when wearing a pony tail.. lol. reese is soo pretty! but you’re true.. its huge for her.


  2. Lovely post! I found it very helpful for my next photoshoot ideas.

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