The Editorial Bride: Ashima

Ashima was part of our 2011 bridal family. However, we met in 2010, like most brides, a year before. She was the bride that knew what she wanted and planned a well thought out, Bollywood meets high fashion wedding, with the help of her wedding planner, Arora Weddings and Events. The colors of her outfits and work were stunning-bright corally pinks and magenta/purple’s! She was stunning! Her overall attention to detail was immaculate. When it came down to the wire, Ashima had to let go of the planning, hope for the best and remember what was important, why this day was actually happening. And that’s exactly what happened when she laid eyes on her groom. Love.

The wedding was also captured in high fashion, editorial style by Z.Molu. It was our first time working with Z.Molu and he stayed true to his style, which is fashion/editorial. What I apprecitae most about his work, are the angles, amongst other things. He is everywhere! On the floor, on the roof, on the wall.  Jokes side,  the result when looking at the images, is a 360 degree vision which is super cool. It almost gives his images motion, and envelopes you as a viewer into the event.

Amplified Soul Makeup+Hair Couture, us,  did Ashima’s hair, makeup an dressing for her mehandi, ceremony and reception. She did her own for her engagement shoots. Ashima wanted dramatic eyes which we created out of bronzes, browns, gold and blacks for the ceremony and reception. We took our cheek and lip inspirations from the beautiful colors of her outfit- not always the same color, but same tonal family.

I loved the engagement shoot theme, which was a mix of nautical and elite sophistication.

The outfit was corally pink and the jewelry was kundan. It fit her smoking figure to the tee. And she took our advice and went with a light dupatta.  Just because it was light, the grandeur and detail weren’t compromised. If anything it stood out more and the dupatta hung gracefully.

A great idea was to have the bridesmaids carry in diyas, symbolic of Indian tradition, rather than flowers, for a change.

You guessed it, Dream Party Decor by Raj!

Below are images from Ashima’s reception shoot. Check out the beautiful magenta/purple lengha. I love the cut of the blouse, very flattering! And Gaurav’s suit ain’t that bad either.

Have a great weekend! We’re getting ready for ours, beginning in a few hours.




  1. Look at G&Ash looking slick! Zaheer did an AMAZING job from the engagement shoot right until the last moments of the reception, a true professional. Even from a family aspect, he did an amazing job with managing the family for photos!

  2. Excellent Photographs !!! lovely !

  3. Love it! The cut on her reception blouse is so dainty but still ornate! Great job as always Shobana.

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