Red Lips for Everyone

Wedding season is upon us! And South Asian brides will be faced with a very important question: To do or not to do the red lips? Brides, you will probably get a nudge in that direction from your mom, aunt or friend. But the final decision is up to you. Follow your instinct and wear a lip color that you are comfortable in and feel beautiful in.

Now if you know for sure that you don’t want to wear a deep color and reds are just not for you, that’s totally fine. There are other beautiful light to medium shades out there in pinks and browns for example. You can go with sheer glosses or pigmented lipsticks. Lots of our brides go this route. And yes, you will still look like a bride.

However, if you’re undecided and open to the idea of reds or reddsih shades, then try them out. It’s all about finding the right shade for you. It doesn’t have to be your aunt’s favorite shade of burgundy. When you’re trying out colors,  do so with a full face of makeup as similar to your bridal makeup as possible. Take your blouse and earrings with you as well.  Reds on their own may be over whelming. But in the context of you bridal attire, they could be just right for you. If you’re a gloss girl, try a gloss on top.

My Fave Red Lipsticks

USA, Vasanti

#43 Moulin Rouge, Rouge Artist Intense, Make Up For Ever

My Fave REDDISH Lipsticks

Brick-o-la, M.A.C.: A Soft Mid-tone Berry

Hot Tahiti, M.A.C.: A Soft Reddish Coral

Fresh Moroccan, M.A.C: A Rustic Brick Red

The images really don’t do the shades justice. You have to try them on! The lip liner and gloss you pair them with will make all the difference in terms of intensity and color. Check out this great blog post by the amazing artist, Andrea Claire: Do’s and Dont’s of Red Lips.



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