Pore Minimizers

We’re our worst critics. And I find that everyone has something about themselves they don’t love. And when you become a bride, I find that the ‘something,’ turns into ‘somethings.’ Every bride just wants to look her very, red carpet, best on her big day, after all. Thankfully, there’s an enormous industry out there working away at solutions for almost everything.

Let’s talk about pores.  What are they? Pores are small holes found all over the body to allow sweat and oil to reach the surface of the skin. Some of us have small pores, others have larger pores.

If you’re not a big fan of your pores, there are a few solutions including medical treatments and skin therapies. But for once in a while fixes, like on your wedding day, try using a pore minimizer. It’s a substance applied after moisturizer and prior to your foundation, on areas with larger pores.  It basically fills in the holes, creating a smooth surface.

Just be aware that some products like mattifiers and pore minimizers can appear white on camera. So test these products out and take some pics before using them on a big day. Last,I  don’t recommend using a pore minimizer everyday, because it could clog your pores.

Clinique Pore Minimzer Instant Perfector

Benefit Cosmetics The Porefessional




  1. Amna Ahmad says:

    what if we just use the primer,doesn’t that do the job??

    • Great question! I find that primers are not dense enough to fill the holes and stay put there if they are medium to large pores. If they’re smaller pores, a silicone based primer may do the trick!

  2. Amna Ahmad says:

    oo ok….thanks!!!

  3. Amna Ahmad says:

    i’m thinking of getting one too,which one’s better out of these two?

  4. this help me get rid of my pore problem…thanks!~

  5. Thanks for your pore minimizer product information, I wanna try it.

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