Brides and the Long Hair Lie

As the saying goes, If I got a nickle for every time I heard that a bride was growing her hair for the wedding…Her hair could be dry, damaged, discolored, have crazy split ends, but you better bet she’s committed to growing it. And when I say committed, I mean no trims!

I’m not sure where this myth began. Perhaps in the olden days, long hair was a sign of youthfulness and fertility . I’m just guessing. Or perhaps, long hair was required in the South Asian culture to create the bun to set the dupatta on. But ladies, the truth is other than that, you don’t have to grow your hair for your wedding. With the creation of extensions everything is possible.

What you have to commit to is maintaining healthy, lustrous hair. This means getting regular cuts at least every 2 months up till 10 days before your wedding. Even if you have the longest hair possible, if it’s dried and damaged with split ends, it’s going to show especially in pictures. The thing about split ends is the longer you leave them, they will either break off or they will split further up. Either way you will need a hefty haircut to get rid of them.

Now if you have really short hair, i.e. Emma Watson’s recent cut (see below), and you’re trying to grow your hair out I understand.  Just make sure you get your trims!

While I’m on the topic of  lustrous hair, if you color your hair, please, please, please have it done by a professional. No do it yourself, drugstore color. Without a professional, it is so easy to choose the wrong color and have roots persist. Moreover, your hair can look dull, limp and weighed down.

And last, make sure your hair is clean. Get rid of any build up or residue that will weigh your hair down. With your regular cuts, your stylist will automatically give your a thorough wash.  You may also use a Deep Cleansing/Clarifying shampoo between cuts.



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