The Flawless Face

So you want a flawless face like J.Lo or Kim Kardashian? Then you have to begin with flawless skin. After all your skin is the foundation to your look. If you’re not born with it like moi, thank god for makeup!

Creating flawless skin is a combination of the right skincare and the right makeup. The right skincare actually helps create beautiful texture and tone. And the right makeup evens out the kinks, delivering a clean and even appearance.

Assessing Your Makeup Needs
There are tons of products out there that can be totally over whelming. So, before you start your search for the right foundation/coverup, determine your needs by asking yourself the following questions in order:

What is my budget?
What coverage am I looking for? sheer, light, medium, full or spot coverage
What kind of skin do I have? normal, oily, dry, combination, sensitive
What form of foundation do I prefer? powder, liquid, cream, mousse, spray

If you’re on a budget, I encourage you to create an effective makeup kit by splurging on certain areas and being thrifty towards others. Foundation/concealer is definitely an area to splurge!

Are you a natural gal, don’t like makeup or have dull skin? A sheer or  light foundation is perfect for you. If you have scarring, blotchy skin, uneven skin or discoloration, opt for a medium to full coverage foundation.

However, if you have great skin with a few blemishes, you can always use foundation or concealer in those specific areas. Just make sure you blend, blend, blend. Otherwise this can appear blotchy in person and in pictures.

Skin Type
Oily skin like mine is bested suited with a powder foundation or liquid foundation that has a powder finish, is oil-free and matte. Many people that have oily skin are also prone to break outs, so look for products that are non- comodogenic (don’t clog pores.) I love Make Up For Ever’s Mat Velvet Foundation.

For dry skin, liquids and creams work best. Combination skin is a little more difficult. A oil-free,  moisturizing foundation is perfect. If those oily patches persist, simply use a blot powder or blot paper to get rid of the oil.

Sensitive skin is tricky as it depends on what your sensitive to and the extent. Finding the right foundation may take some trial and error. Try products that are fragrance free, hypo allergenic, non-comodogenic and/or paraben free. If you’re still reacting, then consider an all natural, chemical free foundation.

Many stores such as Sephora offer samples. Apply the product at home, how you normally would,  and check the color and finish in natural lighting. If you like it, keep it on for few hours to see how it wears. Some products can change color on you, i.e. turn darker, or your face may completely absorb (‘eat’) the product, leaving nothing behind.


  • It can be difficult to find a perfect match, especially for darker skin tones, so customize color by mixing shades together.
  • Your skin changes color from winter to summer, and your foundation should follow suit.
  • Creams and liquids are great for winter months. If your summers are hot and humid, try lighter formulas or powder foundations to avoid a makeup meltdown.
  • Increase the longevity of makeup by applying a primer before the foundation/concealer, and a setting spray after.
  • If whatever reason, you end up purchasing the product and are just not loving it, Sephora and M.A.C. will refund your purchase within a time limit.

Brands I love for everyday wear on South Asian skin, part from M.A.C. are Make Up For Ever, Cover FX, Face Atelier and NARS.

If you have any questions, give me a shout!



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