Dark Circles? Wonder No More!

As you may know I’m  on an eternal hunt for the perfect under eye concealer for  dark circles. I’m super duper thrilled to have found it my own back yard of Toronto. I love this product. So much so, that it made it into my personal kit. It’s the right color, consistency and bonus, it doesn’t crease much. It’s the Vasanti Wonders of the World Concealer, $17 CDN. The ladies behind Vasanti get it!

The compact comes with two shades. One is a salmon color. Salmon is a must have to cover dark circles.  The other shade acts as an eyeshadow primer or, if it matches your skintone, you could use it as a spot concealer. The compact comes in two sets of color combinations. One is for fair to medium skintones and the other, medium to dark skintones.

I suggest stippling (short, quick pats,) the product around your under eye with a synthetic, flat brush. The You have to work the product in place as it doesn’t spread easily-the wonderful property that keeps it in place. I layer the product based on the amount of coverage I want and set it with a powder foundation. I’m sure translucent powder would work as well.

Woo hoo! I’m in love. You can get Vasanti online or at Shoppers Drug Mart.

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