The Results are in for Eve Pearl’s Salmon Concealer

After much anticipation, you better bet I savored every moment of opening the FedEx package and small, black box containing the Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer. I love the smell of new packaging. Love it!

The verdict – I really liked the product and the theory behind it is genius. I would recommend it for those women that have medium toned under eye circles without wrinkles under their eyes. It seriously worked wonders for my bride who had medium toned under eye circles and NO wrinkles. I know, can you believe it? No wrinkles!

Now will this product go into my personal makeup kit? Probably not , simply because I have dark under eye circles. The Eve Pearl concealer provided medium coverage and I need heavy coverage. I mean opaque coverage. As Farah from FacesbyFarah mentioned, it’s creamy. Because of its moisturizing/treatment properties, I felt it didn’t stay put and I found it settled into my wrinkles causing creases; even more so when I layered for more coverage.

So I will be sticking with my current formula for now!

I’ve been asked by other professional makeup artists  whether or not it’s makeup kit worthy and I’ll have to try  it on a few more people to actually determine its makeup kit value.

Another product I’ve heard great things about and am looking forward to trying is the Vasanti, Wonders of the World Undereye and Blemish Concealer. So I will keep you posted!




  1. Glad you got to try it, it is in my kit but i rarely reach for it as like you said i find it settles into fine lines.

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