Preparing for Beauty on Your Big Day

So you’re completely on top of everything. You found a groom, booked the vendors and prepared the itineraries. But before you your bridal beauty sleep, make sure you’re ready to go  for your beautification process the next day!

1. Ask your beauty team how to prep for the big day. Generally, at Amplified Soul we ask the bride to wash her hair the morning before, with MINIMAL conditioner; blow dry it straight  with NO flat ironing or product. There are unique situations in which we recommend otherwise.

2. Choose a location and NOT any location. Choose a location where you want to get beautified. Make sure this location has lots of light and preferably space. De-clutter it and setup a chair. Ideally, this should be your space where no will be sleeping or be interrupting you. Let’s call this the B-Room (Bridal Beautification Room)

3. If your beauty team is dressing you in the B-Room, set out your outfit, jewelry, purse, touch up products, shoes and and anything else you may need. This way you won’t be running around in the morning. And you have more time to be calmly beautifed.

Make sure you get SLEEP and drink lots of water! I know it’s cliche, but it’s true! A rested bride will always look better than a tired bride. And try to make the bridal beautification time about you. In other words, don’t have people running around, in and out of your space, asking you questions, getting ready with you etc. etc. This day is about YOU! All the little interruptions add up and you don’t want to be riled up, nervous or more anxious than you already are by getting caught in the commotion.  Ideally I recommend that brides get a hotel room, because the bridal house can be nuts!




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