Once Upon a Time There Was Riti Gothi’s Wedding

Once in a while a wedding comes along that takes my breath away, seriously takes my breath away. Being in the wedding industry I’m blessed with experiencing this a few times a year. Riti Goth’s wedding was one of them, held at the beautiful Bellvue Manor. The personalization that went into the details told a story  making her wedding anything but a hoopla. To top it off,  it was a multicultural wedding, Christian and Hindu. And seeing these two families completely embrace each other  was profound.

Amplified Soul created Riti’s bridal look as well  her bridal parties’. The catch for Amplified Soul was that we had one hour between the Christian and Hindu ceremony to fully recreate the second bridal look for the Hindu ceremony plus reception. But we did it and it was all captured by the amazing photographer, Henry Park (Email me for his contact info.)

Below are some glimpses that left me in awe. Now, our bridal party was beautiful to begin with. But Riti made three  strategic choices that assured her impeccable photography results. Riti chose a rich color palette-white and eggplant , the bridal party was also beautified and last, Riti chose to have her wedding day photography session before the ceremonies. Everyone was still energetic,  their wardrobe intact and the makeup and hair was fresh.

Here is what the sister of the bride had to say:

Thank you so much Amplified Soul!  You guys did such an amazing job with the hairand make-up for my sister’s wedding, everyone looked amazing! Your professionalism and ability to stay calm under pressure really helped ease the bride during very stressful times!  You guys were a blast to work with and I can’t wait to get “dressed up” with you guys again!”

Honestly you guys were so amazing and so much fun to work with, the funniest duo!

~ Hema Goti

‘The’ Dress

Classic Bouquet

Bridal Party in Rich, Eggplant Purple

The Beautiful Bride and Her Prince Charming

The Blushing Bride

The Hindu Ceremony:

The Groom, Hindu Ceremony

The Personalized Touch:

My favorite part of the wedding were the Favors. The couple chose their favorite treats as the favor, Reese’s Pieces+popcorn. I loved loved it. It’s soooo cute and personal. If you get your bridal party involved, it could also be cost effective.

Personalized Favors-The Couple's Favorite Treats

The couple went beyond displaying images of themselves. They shared in the special moments of their parents’ weddings by displaying their wedding pictures-perfect for a vintage themed wedding.

The Details:

The Center Piece

Wishing them all the life, laughter and happiness in the world…..we were so happy to take part in your big day


  1. beautiful work Shobz! :)- Love it!

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