Accessorize the Accessory

Sometimes wedding jewelry can start looking the same. So accessorize it. It’s really simple. Choose a jewelry set that you love. Then crank it up by adding some plain pearls, crystals or strands of gold and silver. Just make sure your neckline and outfit can handle it.

We received so much feedback about the necklace featured in the image below. All we did was combine a necklace from Romika Jewels with strands of pearls from good old Aldo Accesories and it completely took the necklace to another level of grandeur. Now the additional strands may move out of place. So after placing the necklaces the way you want, using a tad of Duo Adhesive eyelash glue, glue  tiny parts of the necklaces together. Try it and let us know how it goes!


  1. You are seriously a genius.


  1. […] know how we love to Accessorize the Accessory so we did it again. Since the theme was beautiful ocean inspired greens, blues and purples, we […]

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