Bridal Beauty Trends for the Red Carpet Bride

It used to be that brides wanted to look like princesses with extravagant outfits and tiaras. But the new bride tends to want to look more  red carpet glam than anything. So for our 2011 Suhaag Magazine Editorial,  we created looks inspired by  four trends rocking the runways and red carpets (p.s. the following are the official images from our 2011 Suhaag editorial):

Trend #1:Something Old

2011 is all about the ‘something old,’ from decor to cakes to beauty. Look red carpet ready with a vintage inspired updo or finger waves.












Trend #2: The Starlet.

Glamour and demure sophistication of classic films resonate on the red carpets and runways with Audrey Hepburn inspired chignons and traditional Indian braids. Think Mad Men or Om Shanti Om.













The right application of color brightens up your face and/or adds drama, taking your bridal look up a notch from your every day.For the natural brides, try pretty pastels or washes of color on the eyes for a romantic feel. For the more dramatic brides go for bright combinations on your eyes: purple/pink and blue/green. And smokey is always a winner -purples, blues and greys are our faves for the season. The key is making sure the colors you choose complement your outfit rather than clashing with it. So play with accent colors from your outfit if it’s multi toned. If it’s one color, you can opt for complimentary colors. Remember you don’t have to use every color from your outfit on your face. YOU will get lost in the makeup, becoming an accessory to your outfit. And after all everybody, including your hubby-to-be just want to see you!












Trend #4: Accessorize!

The right accessory can complete your beauty look and set you apart. The trick is to make sure YOU wear the accessory vs. the accessory wearing you. Rather than a traditional tiara or tikka, opt for a dainty, Mediterranean inspired piece crowning your head. It’s sexy and goddess like. We used a necklace! If you want something more daring, scavenger through the aisles of Holt’s or the small boutiques on Queen Street and Yorkville to find a one of kind masterpiece.

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