Brown is the New White

Canada may be as multicultural as countries get, but it’s not reflected in the foundation/concealer shades offered to women of color. I’m talking about olives and browns. Colors are either to ashy, pink, green or orange. That’s right, the 0 to 4 shades that most brands carry just won’t do. Who would have thought right?  

At the end of the day,  it’s the bottom line that counts for these brands. After working the marketing end of cosmetic companies and speaking to   counter managers, the darker colors just don’t move and so they’re not invested in. Thank God, that not all brands have the same view. Brands such as M.A.C. and MAKEUPFOREVER have capitalized  on  this market and others are striving to, especially with the advent of Bollywood into the mainstream.

So finally, for those with ‘brown’ skin (for a lack of a better word), you may be in luck! Ben Nye and Face Atelier are professional brands that have come out with a special range of foundations and/or concealers for brown skin. These brands are a little hard to find but I love them-especially Face Atelier (Canadian). Ben Nye can be purchased at or Hiscott’s in Toronto. Face Atelier can be purchased in various location throughout North America. Check out the website for more info!

Launching on January 6 2011, M.A.C Cosmetics will  be introducing  a line inspired by Bollywood in collaboration with famous Bollywood makeup artist, Mickey Contractor. I’m super-duper excited about this! Included in this line will be colors that artists, Mickey Contractor and Vimi Joshi, found missing from the existing line for their Bollywood clientele. As if M.A.C. hasn’t spoiled us enough!

Some brands that traditionally carry more shades for brown skin are M.A.C., MAKEUPFOREVER, Cover FX (awesome) and Smashbox.

Merry Christmas!


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