Not Cakey Please

So many South Asian brides come to me with one concern-they don’t want the cakey look. I’m sorry, is that even an option?  In speaking to brides, I realized that there is a common misconception that the traditional South Asian bridal look is ‘cakey’- worse yet, that there are many ‘make up artists’ that practise this look. Frankly there is no excuse  especially with the tools, products and education that are available today.

What’s ‘cakey?’ When you can see the makeup; when it looks thick; when you catch yourself wondering if it’s Halloween; when you wonder where the bride went and she’s standing right in front of you, her face looks like a mask, a rainbow or she resembles a drag queen.

 In the South Asian culture, the bridal look is traditionally more dramatic than other cultures.  But I think the problem is that artists confuse that with cakey and visible makeup. When in fact dramatic suggests using vivid eyeliner, colors and flawless coverage. Interestingly enough, I see a movement of the  modern day, South Asian bride towards a more natural, glamourized, red carpet look. 

Furthermore, a brides face doesn’t have to look cakey in person to look good on camera. Yes, the camera dilutes the makeup. Counteracting this involves using the right product and techniques like contouring and highlighting, strategically placing matte products vs. shimmery products, creation of depth, etc. And NO,  cakey makeup is not required to ensure longevity. Long lasting makeup is a function of light layers of creme products followed by powder or simply airbrush. 

What inspired me to write this ranting post? A few weeks ago a friend of mine got married to a beautiful, stunning woman. She had great skin, great hair, etc. etc. I think you get the point. And when I saw her, I couldn’t even recognize her. I was horrified that any ‘artist,’ could take such beauty and violate it.  

Here are some DOs and DO NOTs to guide brides:

DO use  artificial lashes that fit and enhance your lash line. DO NOT use lashes that are too big or look too artificial. I call this the ‘Giraffe Syndrome.’ DO NOT settle for eyelash glue showing.

DO use color if you’re adventourous. DO NOT settle for streaky makeup versus blended makeup. DO NOT mix undertones when it come to the lips, cheeks and eyes, i.e. warm vs. cool.

DO make your likes and dislikes heard. DO NOT settle.



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