The Silent Dupatta/Veil

So a few weeks ago it was the first  Bridalicious Beauty Shaker at Bellvue Manor and it couldn’t have gone better.  Brides learned how to get their skin in shape, the art of dupatta draping and makeup application. All our brides were soooo interactive and wanting to learn. I just loved it.  One topic that received alot of attention and questions was the art of the dupatta so I thought I would share for those who couldn’t make it.

Of all things that are planned for in a wedding, the one critical factor that goes overlooked, ‘the silent killer,’  is the dupatta. Ok. so maybe I’m being a little dramatic, but it’s soooo important because it effects your look, level of comfort and outfit security (as in it doesn’t fall off.) It can be heavy, especially weighing down on your head and neck. And yes, Advil is a must. Seriously.

Decide what look you want in terms of the height and positioning of dupatta and how your hair/tikka is showcased!

Height Options:No Height, Natural Height, Majestic Height

Hair/Part: Hidden, Showing-center part, side part, all back, poof

Border: Crown, width,weight

Image 1(Top, Left): Because our Gujrati bride, Rita, wanted to remove her dupatta after the ceremony for pictures, we went for no height and poof in the front, so that when she removed the dupatta, she could still have a stylized up do for her pics. Anything higher would have looked too 90’s prom-esque or ballerina-ish.

Image 2 (Top, Center): Another stunning bride, Navreet, was going for a traditional Punjabi, bridal look. She wanted to showcase the beautiful tikka that adorned her traditional center part.  So she opted for natural height and a dupatta placement on the middle of her head.

Image 3 (Top, Right): Shelly wanted a regale look, so only majestic height would do. As her border was on the heavier side, we opted to place the dupatta after the bun that gave her the height, which automatically placed the dupatta in the front. Anything further back would have caused the border to be placed on her bun compromising its security as they weight would pull the bun back.

Image 4 (Bottom, Center):  Another one of our faves, Shelly (#2). The key factor in deciding her dupatta placement was the size of the border,large and heavy, and the size of her face and head, small. The border had to fall after the bun, and with little room to work with, we went with natural height, and a front set dupatta placement to assure security.

Think About!

Weight: The lighter the better. Net can seriously be your best friend without losing the beauty and elegance.

Blouse: Make sure you have a strong blouse to support it with the right piping, bra snaps and a back string, so that the weight of your dupatta doesn’t cause your blouse to sag. Great materials for blouses are silks and brocade.

I know crowns are in fashion and they look stunning. But tradtionally they can be heavier. Although recently I have seen a few stunning crowns that are light from CTC West and Bombay Trendz. As soon as I get pics I will post it!

Please, don’t forget the Advil. Seriously.

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