My Perfect Foundation

So it has taken almost 15 years but I’ve finally done it- found my perfect foundation! Make Up Forever Matte Velvet foundation.

Why I love it? For three main reason: it’s non-comodogenic, consistency and coverage.

1. What is non-comodogenic?

Taken from an article I wrote in the summer issue of Anokhi Magazine, ‘ non’comodogenic is a term used to describe products that won’t clog pores.’ So if you have oily skin or acne prone skin, products that are non-comodogenic are perfect. Just make sure it’s labeled on the packaging. Some of Shiseido’s and Lancome’s products are also non-comodogenic. However they don’t cater to ‘darker,’ skintones.

2. The consistency is a smooth liquid that dries into a matte powder finish-again great for oily skin! And it’s water resistant.

3. It has medium coverage, not too little and not too much,  great for uneven skin tone like mine! And you can layer it in areas that you need more coverage without it looking cakey.

Most of all, what I truly appreciate is the color range. It really caters to all skin tones: light, medium, dark colors in yellow, pink and neutral tones.

FYI, although I love the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, I found that it didn’t work with the Matte Velvet Foundation. Because of the powder finish of Matte Velvet the combination began pilling. However, when I combined it with the Make Up Forever HD Micro Perfecting Primer, it worked perfecto!

Where can you find it? Sephora and select The Bay locations.



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