Suhaag’s Sweetheart: Shelly-The Finale

Photography: G+H Photography

Planning: Arora Wedding and Event Planning

Decor: Dream Party Decor

Wardrobe: Bombay Trendz

Weddings are a true testament of how time flies! We beautified Shelly for her engagement shoot sometime ago. And before we knew it Shelly’s wedding was already here.It was a big job as Amplified beautified both the bride and the bridal party.

What to think about when creating a look?

  • outfit
  • personality
  • skin

Shelly’s Perfect Look

I would say a perfect look, is one that resonates with your personality.

We love to play with complimentary colors or play on the accent colors. We stay away from matching the makeup perfectly to every color of the outfit- we’re past the 90’s. Why you ask? Because we want the bride’s face to stand apart from the outfit rather than be a continuation of her outfit.

Shelly is a beautiful gal that doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, but was modern and of course wanted to look beautiful. So her look consisted of beautiful skin, plush cheeks and went heavier on the eyes. However, we kept in mind that Shelly didn’t want to make her eyes looks smaller and lots of liner or the smokey effect made them smaller. And so, we kept the eyeliner thin and light.

My favorite pic-feels like a scene from an Audrey Hepburn film.

The Looks

For the ceremony, although Shelly kept to the traditional red colored, she made it unique with a longer top and unique material for the lengha that was almost like a ‘crushed fabric’.

What really completed the look was the beautiful red lips that she daringly wore – my fave- New York Apple, Lipstick and Half Red Liner MAC Cosmetics. If you don’ think you can wear red, try this!

Check out the beautiful bridal party!

We also blinged it up with a few rhinestones, above the outer corner of her eyebrows,keeping it clean elegant.

So, it’s party time!In terms of hair, she knew she wanted it up and out of her face which is a smart decision given the dancing that was up ahead.

Loved the socks! Great for photography and for anyone that knew Rajat knows he has a great fashion sense and quirky tastes like funky socks!

We went with glistening purples that accented her magenta outfit for her eyes and a softer lip, which different then the morning. Now I’m all for tikkas! But they’re not a must have especially if you have a smaller forehead. You don’t want to crowd your face. But of course, you don’t want to go with out, especially if t was gifted to you by your inlaws. Take a peak at Shelly’s hair accessory-that’s right! It’s her tikka.

And viola and couple in love!! It was a beautiful night, beautiful couple, cheers to Shelly and Rajat!! Wishing them all the love and blessings in the world.


  1. Shelly (bride) says:

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane! Wow time flies. You girls did such an amazing job! xoxo

  2. This bride looks stunning!

  3. Awesome post Shobana!

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